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Background of the Taiwan Communications Society (TCS)

In the light of liberalization in global telecom, broadcasting, and convergence markets, the communications sector in Taiwan is also entering an era of fierce competition with diverse service provision. This at the same time indicates an increasingly complex interaction between the market and regulatory environment. Under such background, the Taiwan Communications Society (TCS) was established in 2007 as a platform to facilitate dialogues and discussions between various stakeholders in the communications policy-making process and to further ensure the public's interest.


TCS's role and function

TCS's primary role is to create an objective and impartial platform for discussions related to communications policies between the academia, government, and industry. TCS also aims to provide advice on convergence policies for Taiwan's telecom and broadcasting sectors, which are in an urgent need of a smooth transition into the next generation of communications environment. Other TCS's specific functions include hosting and organizing seminars/conference on issues related to communications policies and regulation, undertaking capacity-building research activities, and serving as a bridge for dialogue between the government and industry.


TCS's Chairpersons and Members

TCS was founded in 2007 by C.K. Mao, former Premier of the Executive Yuan, who served as the organization's first chairperson and was succeeded by Mr. Arthur Shay, a well-known lawyer with expertise in the field of communications, who has also substantially involved in the formulation of Taiwan's communications policy. Chih-Hung Tsai, professor of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, was elected Chairperson for the 2010-2012 and 2012-2014 terms, and has played a significant role in the formulation of Taiwan's liberalized communications policies. Current Chairperson Yu-li Liu, who served as an appointed NCC Commissioner from 2006 to 2008, is a distinguished professor of the Communications College at National Chengchi University. TCS is presided and supervised by a Board of 15 directors and 5 supervisors. As of June, 2016, TCS has enjoyed a membership of about 100 individual members (scholars or experts) and 12 corporate members (all major telecom or cable TV operators in Taiwan).